What Is Your Story?

Matthew 25:31-46

Jesus is Chief Storyteller. In Matthew 25, He crafted a story of His future return to earth, glorified as Son of Man, rewarding Christ-followers. To make criteria for the reward clear, Jesus illustrated His story with sheep that know Him and goats that don’t. He listed common acts of mercy that everyone can practice every day. “Meet their needs,” He said. “Serve them like I would and consider it something done for me.”

Jesus loves people. The Greatest Commandment teach us to love God and others (Matt. 22:37-40). Christ-followers, the sheep, share this passion for people. They desire to do acts of mercy, flowing from their relationship with Jesus. Unbelievers, or people pretending to be sheep, are goats. They can’t imitate the acts of sheep very well because they don’t believe like sheep. Outside of relationship with Jesus, they can’t love people like He does.

Belief drives action; action tells the story of who we are, sheep or goat. How can your personal story more clearly identify you as a Christ-following sheep?

Author: Jan C. LaSalle

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