Mountain Climbing

2 Timothy 4:1-8

Have you ever been mountain climbing? While I am not very experienced at it, I am sure there must be a few things that need to be done to prepare for the activity. It does not seem likely a person just wakes up one morning and decides to find the closest mountain to attempt an ascent. It would be advisable to have the appropriate equipment and training before attempting such a difficult task.

In life, we usually do not need to go looking for mountains. They usually find us. Whether in the form of difficult relationships, trying circumstances, or an opportunity to share what God has done with someone who would normally not listen. Giant tasks can appear before us without a lot of notice. We must be prepared!

Only by saturating our lives daily in the Word of God and continually seeking His voice in all of life’s extremes do we stand a chance at successfully navigating these opportunities when they arise! People are counting on us to respond to God correctly and to share His word in thoughtful and helpful ways.

Author: Douglas E. McClure

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