Jennifer and Douglas Mann - Central Europe

Doug was born in Washington, DC and now considers Boston, the home of much of his family, his home away from the field. Jen was born in Dundee, Scotland. She would consider home away from the field to be a small town called High Wycombe, just outside of London where her parents live. Nevertheless, the more that we are on the field the more abstract the term home becomes!

We met in Germany at a Youth Conference in December of 2001 when Doug was working in Romania and Jen was studying nursing at Nottingham University, England. We were married in July of 2003 in Salisbury, England. In October of 2006, our son Jonathan Edward was born in Lima, Peru. In October of 2008, our daughter Sarah Elizabeth was born in London, England. Then in December of 2010, our little surprise was born, James William, in Prishtina, Kosovo. Yes, we are a truly international family with 10 passports between the five of us. Our dog, 6 year old peruvian born Londy the boxer, is a worldwide travelling dog and is still by our side 4 countries later!

In our 8 years of missions work, we have lived in Lima, Peru; Tirana, Albania; Prishtina, Kosovo and now we are making the move to Sofia, Bulgaria. Our work in Albania and Kosovo mainly consisted of leadership support and development and friendship evangelism. You could say we spent a lot of time drinking coffee! Doug also administered the Theological Education learning center whilst Jen joined the national students in taking the classes. We invested a lot also in the international community through MOPS and contacts made through Jonathan’s school. We made many friends and a portion of our hearts will remain in Kosovo forever. Before arriving in Albania in July 2008, we were assigned to Peru to work within the Peruvian Field Office. Doug assisted the field director, Segundo Rimarachin, who is the first Peruvian to be in leadership over the field. He worked in many different areas from speaking and teaching, to office administration and field finances. Jen was the Child Sponsorship Coordinator, working with over 300 children and their sponsors. We also hosted many people who travelled through Lima for Work and Witness teams, Field visits and personal travel in what we affectionately termed “The Mann Motel”.

Our current assignment takes us to Sofia, Bulgaria. We are working with the existing Missionary and Bulgarian leadership team to work towards nationalizing the leadership of church efforts there in Bulgaria. We are excited with the challenge as there was nothing as exciting in Peru as handing over the church to the natioanls and watching the church grow and blossom under their direction. As with most assignments, we will be involved in many different areas of work from education through compassionate and outreach efforts. We are very excited about the new opportunities and challenges.

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Born in United States


Born in United Kingdom

  • Jonathan
  • Sarah
  • James

Home District: Mid-Atlantic

Home Church: Bel Air

Home Assignment Dates:

Jul 01, 2018 - Aug 12, 2018

Jun 30, 2019 - Aug 11, 2019