Welcome to GA 2017

Indianapolis, Indiana

In the name of Jesus Christ, Lord of the Church, welcome to the 29th General Assembly and Conventions of the Church of the Nazarene. Our church is now active in 162 world areas. You are here both to represent your home districts and local congregations and to participate as a member of this global expression of the kingdom of God. May the unity of the Spirit mark each of us in powerful ways as we work and worship together. 

We thank you for the effort you have made to join us. We pray that His presence and power will be manifest among us. 

Our time together at General Assembly 2017 will be unique. Never before and never again will this particular group of people gather in this particular place and time. The Author and Perfecter of our faith has brought us together for His own purposes. Your prayers, your stories, your ministries are all irreplaceable parts of this moment in His story. We hope you will participate fully in the opportunities for learning, growth, fellowship, and worship. In the Exhibit Hall, in the auxiliary conventions, in hotel lobbies, in worship services, or nearby restaurants, may you sense the joy of being part of God’s people uniting with the purpose of participating in the mission of God. 

Check out all the exhibits, tell your story as part of the oral history project, visit the prayer rooms, attend workshops, laugh with friends, make new friends. Allow our Heavenly Father, and the family called by His name, to bless you as we present ourselves to more fully become One Body, in One Spirit, with One Hope, One Lord, and One Faith. 

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