Trevecca students serve community

Nashville, Tennessee

The words leadership and service are engraved into the stone entrance of Trevecca Nazarene University, but they aren’t just bygones from a time long past.

Instead, they’re reminders to students past and present of the kinds of lives they’re called to live.

“This may be simplifying it too much but it comes down to this: We are called to love one another,” said Tom Middendorf, associate vice president for Academic Services at Trevecca. “We want to teach Trevecca students to be the type of people that think beyond their own needs and look to the needs of others.  Our alumni and current students are leaders in this way.”

Trevecca students put these qualities into action August 31 when they took part in New Student Service Day. New students and student leaders spent the morning at community service projects throughout the city, cleaning, organizing, and gardening, among other tasks. While many of the service projects were located at local elementary and high schools, students also worked with community service organizations and ministries. Almost 400 new students and leaders took part in this year’s New Student Service Day.    

Most of the service projects were centered in the neighborhoods that surround Trevecca’s campus. University officials hope this experience will spark students’ desire to serve the community throughout their college careers.

“Students spend time getting to know the community partners they’re working with and listen as these partners share the stories of their organizations, then work alongside the students,” said Megan McGhee, coordinator of the freshman year experience at Trevecca. “Students return to campus having learned a little more about their neighbors and how they can continue to be involved in serving throughout their Trevecca experience.”

--Trevecca Nazarene University

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