General superintendents elect new Africa leader

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The Board of General Superintendents has elected Senegal native Daniel Abdou Karim Lucien Gomis to the position of Africa regional director, effective 15 October 2017.

The Church of the Nazarene’s General Board ratified the election with an email vote coordinated by General Secretary David P. Wilson. Jurisdictional General Superintendent for Africa Carla D. Sunberg and Global Mission Director Verne S Ward III prayerfully led the nomination and election process.

Gomis succeeds Filimão M. Chambo as Africa regional director. Chambo was elected the denomination’s 42nd general superintendent on 26 June 2017, creating a vacancy in the Africa Regional Office, located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

“As the Africa Region has more members than any other region in the Church of the Nazarene, we recognize that this is a very significant assignment,” Sunberg said. “We are pleased that God has led us to Rev. Daniel Gomis, a talented and Spirit-led follower of Jesus Christ. With his heart for the entire African continent, we believe that Rev. Gomis will continue to lead the Church in bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to those who have not yet heard.”

Gomis has pastored for 11 years in his home country of Senegal. He currently serves as field strategy coordinator for the region’s Africa West Field. Prior to serving as a pastor, Gomis worked as the operations assistant for the International Organization for Migration (IOM). He has also served the Church of the Nazarene in a variety of positions, including Africa French literature coordinator, Africa West Field education coordinator, and as superintendent of the Senegal District. Daniel and his wife, Elisabeth Gomis, have served as missionaries for the Church of the Nazarene since 2012. He has four daughters: Raissa, Maiva, Sarah, and Tabitha.

“Rev. Gomis is known and respected as a godly man, fully consecrated to Christ, full of the Spirit, and obedient to his calling as a minister,” Ward said. “Both in his personal life and in the way he leads, Gomis demonstrates a passion for reaching unreached people.

“We are grateful for the Lord’s leading as Daniel steps into a new role in serving our church,” Ward continued. “He and Elisabeth are faithful servants of the Lord. Their gifted leadership is contagious to anyone they encounter.”

Ordained in 2011, Daniel Gomis earned a Master of Divinity degree at Nazarene Theological Seminary in Kansas City, USA. Prior to earning his master’s degree, Gomis completed his Bachelor of Arts in English at the University of Saint Louis and earned a master’s certificate in African studies.

“My family and I are thankful to God our Father for His goodness and His faithfulness at every step of our walk with Him,” Gomis said.

“This is a new season for us, and we will continue to follow Him in His work of transformation of the people of Africa and the advancement of His Kingdom. Our prayer is for the message of the life of our Savior Jesus Christ to spread all over this beautiful continent and bring healing, peace, and restoration.”

The Africa Region will host an installation service on Sunday, 15 October 2017, marking Gomis’ transition.

--Board of General Superintendents

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